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Hey Louie, I just watched your interview with Bobby Chiu, and I truly appreciate your work on Rugrats. One of my favorite absolute favorite shows when I was growing up. Your story is very similar to mine. I am one year into drawing, being self taught, working towards a story artist for feature animation. I am taking Rad Sechrist's class, but I was wondering also what aspects do you look for in story portfolios that jumps out as important to you? Or a factor that would land job? Thank you again!


I look for imaginative, inventive story telling with a lot of charm and personality. Artistically I really like a confident, well defined line as well as someone who knows how to work with designs. Most importantly I like people who have their own voice, who are confident and know how to work with ideas

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The books arrived today! MUSE Volume 2 - available online soon. At San Diego Comic-con starting preview night Jul 23 table G4 - $12.00 - 70pgs

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